Saturday, July 30, 2016

Idea "Smashing" for My Collaborative Team Expectations

I was inspired today by @mathequalslove's blog post today about her Red/Yellow/Green Team Cups PostersSo I decided to smash together two ideas from my Collaborative Teams structure.    

Idea #1
A few summers ago, the R/Y/G Cups were a big topic on Twitter and I was introduced to the idea thanks to @druinok in her July Blogging Challenge #5things blog post.  I even searched all over and found the perfect cups to go with my classroom theme.

I even created a "Team Task" Cups Strategy Sheet, but I never really followed through with the idea that year. I had a really good group of students and I never found it necessary or the opportunity to implement it.  I could have used the idea with last year's students, but never found the time to follow through.... And the cups still sit in my cupboard.... Unopened...

Idea #2
If you have seen my "Team Tasks" or my Socrative "Team Tasks" you know that I like to emphasize the Collaborative Team Structure with "Team Task" Expectations that are read by the Task Manager at the very beginning of the "Team Task".

For Example:

So after reading mathequalslove's blog today I got the idea to smash these ideas together, revitalizing the Team Cup Strategy that never came to fruition with my always used Team Task Expectations Strategy.

I created a "Team Task" Expectations sheet that will be read by the Task Manager at the beginning of every task.

On the back of the "Team Task" Expectations sheet will be my "Team Task" Cups sheet, which I modified a little. I am going to print them on card stock and put them in sheet protectors.

Here are the files for my "Team Task" Expectations and "Team Task" Cup Strategy. Feel Free to Download and Use. I included the Word files for you to modify to fit your needs.

Download Links:
My Team Task Expectations PDF
My Team Cup Strategy PDF
My Team Task Expectations Editable Word File
My Team Cup Strategy Editable Word File

Thanks for stopping by my blog.... I hope I have inspired ideas for your classroom....

Monday, July 25, 2016

Beginning of the Year Classroom Resources and Handouts

It's that time of the year again and I have been going through my beginning of the year files. I have made changes to some of my files and added some new files for this year.

I am sharing my ideas to hopefully inspire ideas for your classroom. Feel free to download and use in your classroom.

Interactive Math Notebook Resources
I have previously blogged about my Letter to My Students.  I absolutely have to keep using it again this year. I love that the Letter to My Students is the first thing my students see every time they open up their Interactive Math Notebook.  I have decided to modify and change some of the fonts for this year. So it is slightly different than my old version.

My Collaborative Team Roles Graphic Organizer is copied on the back of the Letter to My Students for the students to reference.  I will continue to use these Team Roles because they are such a big part of my Classroom Structure.  They have helped my students to be very successful in 8th Grade Math.

Here is the Letter to My Students and my Collaborative Team Roles Graphic Organizer.

Download Links:
A Letter to My Students
Team Roles Graphic Organizer

I am using my Problem Solving in Math and Writing in Math IMN Resources again. These will be copied back to back.

Download Links:
Problem Solving in Math 
Writing about Math

I have modified my Let's Talk Math IMN Graphic Organizer and I have added talking stems for the students to reference and use during their Collaborative Team discussions. My student friendly Math Practices will be copied on the back.

Download Links:
Let's Talk Math
Student Math Practices

Bathroom Pass Record Sheet
I have always had problems with students wanting to leave class to go to the bathroom. Over the years I have tried so many different things and nothing really helped. So last year I created this Bathroom Pass Record Sheet inspired by mathequalslove.  

Using this Bathroom Pass Record Sheet really helped with the bathroom problem in my classroom. So I am definitely using this again this year. I modified the procedures to emphasize that students are not supposed to ask me, they simply follow the procedures and hand me the sheet to sign. 

Download Link:
Bathroom Pass Record Sheet

iPad Username and Password Graphic Organizer
My students use a lot of apps in my iMath block so I created this graphic organizer for the students to keep track of their usernames and passwords.  I have my students keep this in their iMath folder to reference in class.  When we sign up with a new app, I have the students write down the information in their graphic organizer.
Download Link:
iPad Username and Password Graphic Organizer

Classroom Management Communication Slips
I like my classroom to be as structured as possible so I created communication slips for my classroom that allow me to communicate with students without being bothered when I am in the middle of something.  I copy these on Astrobright paper so that they are super pretty. :o)

Communication Slips
The Communication Slips are by my desk. Students fill out the Communication Slip to communicate with me about anything. They put the completed slip in the Teacher's Inbox on my desk.
Download Link:
Communication Slips

The How Am I Doing slips are by my desk next to the Communication Slips. Students fill out the How Am I Doing Slip whenever they want to know their grade. They put the slip in the Teacher's Inbox on my desk. Then when I have time later that day during my prep or after school, I fill out the A Note From Your Teacher Slip.  I hang the A Note From Your Teacher on the front board and the student can get it the next day in class.

How Am I Doing?
Download Link:
How Am I Doing?

A Note From Your Teacher
Download Link:
A Note From Your Teacher

Behavior Reflection
In our 7th and 8th Grade Math Department the teachers send students on "Out of Class" Timeouts to another teacher's classroom.  This year I made a Behavior Reflection Sheet for my students to complete while they are on vacation from my room.

This is the paragraph they will copy on in Part One of the Behavior Reflection.

These are the questions they will answer in Part Two of the Behavior Reflection.

Download Links:
Behavior Reflection (Paragraph)
Behavior Reflection (Questions)

Beginning of the Year Student Reflection
This is a beginning of the year math reflection for my students to complete. This is super helpful in getting to know my students better and how they feel about math.

Download Link:
Beginning of the Year Student Reflection

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I hope I have inspired some ideas for your classroom...

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Socrative 101 - Making "Digital Task Cards"

If you follow me on Twitter you know how much I love Socrative. I love Socrative because I can create (self-paced) lessons for students to work independently or I can create "Team Tasks" for students to work collaboratively.

To make my Socrative Assignments more intriguing to the students, I started creating "Digital Task Cards" to go with the questions in my Socrative Assignments.  Students love doing math in my Socrative Assignments with "Digital Task Cards". #happyteacher

How To Make "Digital Task Cards"
I use PowerPoint to create my "Digital Task Cards". I made a template to use each time I make a new set.  The template has a place for the problem and I can easily change the background on the cards to make each set of task cards unique.

"Digital Task Cards" Template in PowerPoint

Here is a copy of my Socrative "Digital Task Cards" PowerPoint Template. Feel free to download and use. :o)    My "Digital Task Cards" PowerPoint Template

To make the "Digital Task Cards", I start by choosing backgrounds for each of the task cards in the set.  After I have the backgrounds put in, I add the written part of the problem on the task cards.

Next, I add the math problem to each of the task cards.

After I have completed the set of "Digital Task Cards", I get them ready to put into my Socrative Assignment.

Making the "Digital Task Cards"into Images
The "Digital Task Cards" need to be images to use in Socrative. After you have saved your "Digital Task Cards" as a  PowerPoint, click Save As - then Save as Type - click the drop down and choose an image format. Choose save Every Slide. All of the slides will be saved as images in a folder.

Creating the "Digital Task Cards" Assignment in Socrative
Sign into Socrative and go to Manage Quizzes and Create Quiz.

Name your quiz and choose a type of question to add.

After the question is typed in, choose add image and add the image that corresponds with your question from the folder with your "Digital Task Cards" from your PowerPoint.

This is what the question will look like after the image is added.

Continue this process to complete your Socrative Assignment with "Digital Task Cards".

Making an Answer Key for the "Digital Task Cards"
I make my own math problems so I like to have an answer key. I use my PowerPoint slides to print a blank answer key and work out the problems next to each of the task cards. This also allows me to find mistakes and to make sure the problems will work out.

This is an example of what my blank answer key looks like when it is printed.
To print a blank answer key from your set of "Digital Task Cards". You need to change the Print Layout. To do this: Click File - Print - Full Page Slides - 3 Slides.

This is how it looks when you print out your blank answer key from your "Digital Task Cards".

Click "Print" and you will have a blank answer key for your "Digital Task Cards".

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.  I hope that you have been inspired to create your own Socrative Assignments with "Digital Task Cards".