Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My Interactive Math Poster Activities

My students love doing My Poster Activities in my math classes.  I like the poster activities to be self paced, so I usually create the My Poster Activities in Showbie or Socrative. This allows my students to work through the activity at their own pace and allows me to help answer questions and clear up misconceptions throughout the activity.

Here are a few of the "Poster Activities" that we have done this year in my 8th Grade Math Classes.

Linear Relationships: Proportional and Non-proportional Relationships 

My students were struggling with determining when Linear Relationships were Proportional Relationships and when they were Non-proportional Relationships, so I created this poster activity to help the students see the similarities and differences between the two Linear Relationships. The key to this activity is the color-coding.

Students cut out the situations, tables and graphs and followed the task directions to create the poster. As the students completed each step, they answered questions in Socrative.  They used the color-coded "Sticky Notes" to explain how to determine Proportional and Non-proportional Relationships in situations, tables and graphs.

My Download:

My Socrative Code:
My Proportional/Non-Proportional Relationships Poster Activity: SOC-25465286

My coordinating color-coded wall charts for Linear Relationships.

Function Figures Poster

We had a very limited time to focus on nonlinear functions, so I wanted to create an activity that would help the students remember the various types of nonlinear functions. I got this idea from @Radical4Math's Function Girl Posters at

When I saw her Function Girl Posters, I knew I had to make her posters into Socrative "Digital Task Cards".

After the students completed my Socrative "Digital Task Cards" on Function Girl, they made their own Function Figures Posters in my Showbie Function Figures Poster Activity.

My Socrative Code:
Function Girl "Digital Task Cards"- SOC-24563972

My Download:
Function Figures {Student Copy} Download

My Download:
My Function Figures Poster Activity Showbie Download

Elimination Word Problems Poster

This is just simple poster activity for the students to show what they know about elimination and word problems.  Students set up and solved introduction elimination word problems and then used "Sticky Notes" to explain the solution in the context of the real world situation.

My Socrative Code:
Elimination Word Problems "Digital Task Cards" - SOC-25184104

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