Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Google Forms Integer Rules Review Quizzes

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I know that my students are coming in at only 12% Proficient in Math. This means that they are going to need a lot of review on the concepts they should know from 7th Grade. Our pacing in 8th Grade Math is already tight, and unfortunately I do not have time to go back and reteach these concepts in depth.  I do pace in a couple of review days, and I give the students guided notes on these concepts so that they have a reference and a lot of practice.

In checking for understanding during the last two days, my students now understand the concepts of Combining Like Terms and Solving Two-step Equations but are not successful because they are making mistakes with the Integer Rules.

I gave my students an Integer Rules Graphic Organizer for them to reference, but they are still confusing the rules for addition and multiplication.  I did notice that when my students are solving equations and using the inverse operation, they get confused which rule applies when the terms are stacked for addition in step one, and division in step two.

So I wanted to create some review quizzes to practice the integer rules when they are next to each other like when combining like terms, and when they are stacked like when solving equations.  I have created a weeks worth of Google Forms Integer Rules Review Quizzes.

Here are the links to my Google Forms Integer Rules Review Quizzes.
Feel free to use. :o)

#__ Integer Rules Review Test (1) __#

#__ Integer Rules Review Test (2) __#

#__ Integer Rules Review Test (3) __#

#__ Integer Rules Review Test (4) __#

#__ Integer Rules Review Test (5) __#

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

My First Week of School (2016 - 2017)

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I have just finished my first week of school with the students. The students started school on Tuesday. We spent the first two days going over classroom procedures, doing motivational activities and getting their iPads assigned and accounts set up.

Here are some of my 1st Day activities that we did in between talking about classroom procedures.

My motivational "Sticky Note" Poster.

We talked about "Struggle" and that it wasn't going to be easy.  I read "A Letter to My Students" that will go in the students' Interactive Math Notebook and then they wrote a letter to themselves.

We ended the day with this AWESOME collaborative team activity that I saw on Twitter. The activity comes from Sara VanDerWerf - @saravdwerf.  The activity is called 100 Numbers to get the Students Talking. I have included her link so you can read the directions for the activity and download the files.

My 8th Grade Math students have come in extremely low again with only 12% proficient. My first unit is Linear Equations in One Variable. To prepare them for the concepts I need to teach them for 8th Grade Math, I always have to start the year reviewing 7th Grade concepts.

To help the students be successful in Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides, I gave them an Integer Rules Graphic Organizer, with a 25X25 multiplication table on the back. Thursday we reviewed the Distributive Property, and Combining Like Terms.  On Friday we reviewed One-step and Two-step equations.

On Friday, students experienced iMath for the 1st time.  Students did a "Show What You Know" writing response.

Students did their first Socrative "Digital Task Cards" activity on Two-step Equations.

Here is the Socrative Code for my Solving Two-step Equations "Digital Task Cards", feel free to use it. SOC-23374664

Then my students did a "Ticket Out the Door" Reflection in Showbie. I am so happy that they are motivated to learn and willing to try.  :o)

Here are some of their responses.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Classroom Reveal (2016 - 2017)

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We start school with the students next week, so I have been really busy the last couple of weeks getting my classroom ready.  I have a different schedule this year.  I will be teaching two blocks of 8th Grade Common Core Math, one period of AVID and I will be a Math Coach for one period.  I am a little nervous because I am taking on two new roles.

I am so excited because I spent a lot of time getting my room ready and I am really happy with it. I have a small portable classroom and I wanted to create a comfortable place for students to learn because they are with me for an entire block.

This is a view of my Interactive Math Notebook Shelf. I loved my Growth Mindset Wall so I did not change it. The shelf under my "Change Your Words" wall is where my students keep their IMN and their iMath folders.  I also added a spot for AVID Student Portfolios, and AR Reading Journals.

One of my classroom structures is my "While You Were Out" tray that is on top of the shelf.  This is where I put the notes for students who were absent.  They check the tray when they come back to class. :o)

This is one of the corners in my room, with my AR library and my AVID WICOR wall.  I love my zebra curtains. :o)

This is a view of my front boards.  I loved my saying: HAVE GRIT! Learning is not easy... Dig deep and EMBRACE STRUGGLE so I kept it, but I changed the letters. :o) Underneath my whiteboards is my Mathematicians "Say" word wall.  This is where I will put all of the academic vocabulary words that I want students to use in their team discussions.

This is a view of my back wall.  This is where my "You are a Genius" wall and my "YET" wall are. This is also where I put Team 7 and Team 8. The student information board is by the door.  The black spaces on the wall are for student work.  I have a data wall and my Math "Rockstars" wall for my "Rockstar" competition.

This is "My Spot".  This is where I teach from and give my guided notes from.  I sit on the table with my pillows to make it comfy.  I have to sit when I give my guided notes because I use a Mimio Pad to give notes in ActivInspire. I like this spot because I am in the middle of the room and I can see "everything". :o)

This my student "Behavior Reflection Center". I blogged previously about how our math department uses "Out of Class Timeouts" for students and send them to other math teachers.  This is where students who come to my room on an "OCT" sit and reflect. They are not allowed to turn around and look at my students or interact with my students.  

This is my new iPad cart. I am so excited that I finally got my new iPads set up and I love my new zebra organizer.

This is a view of my teacher desk area.  This is where I spend my lunch time.  :o)

This is a view of my "Student Supply Center" with my new "Thinking is" wall. This is where the team's Resource Monitor will get the team's supplies and where the student supplies for iMath are.

In my student supply center I have: paper, rulers, calculators, protractors, pencil sharpeners, whiteboards, dry erase mats, graphing whiteboards, team supply boxes, color pencils crates, dry erase markers, staplers and hole punchers.

This is a view of my classroom from the door.

This is a view of my classroom from my teacher desk area.

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