Wednesday, November 11, 2015

8th Grade Math - Unit 1b: Linear Relationships & y = mx + b

Unit 1b: Linear Relationships
In this unit we focused on slope and rate of change, proportional relationships and linear relationships that are not proportional.  

This year for my linear relationships unit I put an emphasis on the use of a "mini table" to find the rate of change.  This is such an effective method because it can be used to find the slope of a line, and the rate of change in a situation or in a table. Instead of teaching multiple methods, I teach them that the slope can be found using any two points.  And they have discovered that the "mini table" method is super easy for them.  :o)

I came up with this idea in the middle of last year after my students took the CAASPP Interim Assessment.  This new method for finding the slope really helped my students when they took the Summative Assessment at the end of the year. This is why I incorporated this method into every part of my unit on Linear Relationships from the beginning this year. 
Here is my "mini table" method. ;o)

Students Interactive Math Notebooks
My students finally have my Interactive Math Notebook expectations and procedures down and they are finally starting to use them as a reference.  They are also understanding the value of the color-coding because it helps them see the connections within the concepts. 

Here is what the students Interactive Math Notebooks look like for Unit 1b.

I have blogged before about my Academic Vocabulary Book.  Here is an updated view of what their Word of the Day - 8th Grade Math Academic Vocabulary Book.

My Collaborative Team Structure
I have added some new structures and expectations to my Collaborative Teams this year. One of my new expectations is that when the recorder/reporter is sharing out to the class, they have to "Stand and Deliver" using a microphone.  

Here are some posters I created with my expectations and procedures.

My collaborative team "Solve It, PROVE It" daily warm-ups have been evolving and my students are making progress in learning to justify and support their answers.
My Collaborative Team Tasks on Proportional Relationships and Linear Relationships.

iMath and Unit 1b: Linear Relationships
My iMath lessons have been based my two favorite apps Showbie and Socrative.  My students love the independent practice in my self-paced Socrative Lessons and my "paperless" Tasks in Showbie.  Both of these allow me to check for understanding and help me clear up any misconceptions of the concepts they are learning.

Here are my Showbie lessons from Unit 1b.

Here are my Socrative lessons from Unit 1b.
Check out my Free Resources Socrative Page if you would like to use my Socrative Codes.

Here are two dry erase mats I made for my students to use when practicing concepts that use the "mini table". Feel free to download and use.
Download File: Finding the Slope of a Line Mat
Download File: Comparing Functions Mat
Download File: Writing the Equation of a Line Mat

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