Monday, June 15, 2015

My Google Forms Idea: CFU Formative Assessments - Show What You Know Standards Review

I have been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting since my students took the CAASPP Interim Assessment and Performance Task and the CAASPP Summative Assessment and Performance Task this year.  Although the Assessments were complex and rigorous, I feel that overall my students were really prepared.

Because we don't use a math textbook and I don't use worksheets, my students are used to doing their "Math" work on whiteboards or lined paper.  It was one of my goals this year to teach my students that "Math" was not about the answer, but about the process.  I taught my students not to take shortcuts, and that doing the work and checking their work was important.

I have previously blogged about my love for Showbie for many reasons, but the main reason is my "paperless" tasks.  I love my 'paperless" tasks because the students love to do the "Math" on the iPads.

But more importantly I like using "paperless" tasks because through Showbie I can easily "check for understanding" and leave feedback.

I am very fortunate to have 1:1 technology in my classroom and so it was important for me to also use the technology to prepare my students for the Common Core way of testing.  I wanted to teach my students to be just as comfortable with doing the "Math" on paper that they love doing on the iPad.  So I varied the assignments and had students practice doing the "Math" on lined paper and on whiteboards.
My students were awesome, they never complained.  My students eagerly did the "Math". Sometimes the "Math" would take a lot of work. But they did it. Throughout the year there was a lot of "Math" being done in my classroom. What more could a "Math" Teacher want. :o)

I achieved my goal and overall my students were prepared for the Common Core way of testing. My students rocked it on the CAASPP, and they went through a lot of scratch paper doing the "Math". Even though I am proud of my students' effort and hard work, I know that taking a computerized test is still very different.  I know that there is still more that I can do to prepare my students for the transition to computerized testing.

Because I am on the District Technology Committee and the Technology Lead Teacher at my school, I want to incorporate some of the Google resources in my classroom next year. I decided that Google Forms would be a good resource for me to implement in my math classroom.

I wanted to think of a unique way to use Google forms because I have other "Exit Ticket" methods and other "Interactive" response resources that I really like.  I needed an "Out of the Box" idea.

This is when I came up with my idea for using Google Forms in my classroom.  I wanted to use Google Forms as a Formative Assessment tool with my Math 8 students. With my Google Forms Show What You Know - CFU Formative Assessments I can teach my students how to understand and reason through a problem, do the "Math" on paper, check their work and then answer the question on the Assessment.

Here is my first Google Forms CFU - Formative Assessment Show What You Know - Standards Review.  

Try my Show What You Know - Standards Review from the view of the student.  :o)

My plan for my new Google Forms Idea: Show What You Know - Standards Review is to use these Formative Assessments every week, and create practice assessments that would include various answer methods.  Along with Concept Assessments I plan on doing Cumulative Assessments.  

My goal for next year is to use my Google Forms CFU - Formative Assessments to help my students become comfortable with thinking through and doing the "Math" with various types of questions and various answer methods.  

Here is my Show What You Know - Standards Review (Teacher View). Feel free to copy to your Google Drive, Modify and Use... :o)  Unit 1a: Solutions to Equations (TV)

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Feeling Accomplished: Reflecting on a Successful Year

This year I have finished my 3rd year of teaching 8th Grade Common Core Math.  For the last three years I have been creating all of the 8th Grade Math curriculum.  After reflecting on my lessons regularly, I have been tweaking and changing the curriculum over the last three years trying to find a way to pace the concepts so that I can fit everything in.  I have also put a lot of thought into how to teach these concepts to my students effectively.  Last year (my second year) was a good year. The rearranged pacing was exactly what was needed. Even though it was a good year, I knew that there were still changes that needed to be made.

 Last summer I spent the entire summer doing a lot of reflecting after going through the experience of the SBAC Field Test.  I knew that my curriculum was on the right track but there were things I needed to do to make sure that my students were prepared for the CAASPP Summative Test this year.  I knew that I needed to do more to get them to the next level.  

All of my hard work and reflection paid off. The CAASPP Summative Preliminary Results are out and I am so excited.  All of my students' perseverance and hard work paid off. My students tried so hard on this test and really wanted to do well.  I know that they will be super excited too.... :o)

Success One: My Students' Interactive Math Notebooks
I have been using my Interactive Math Notebooks for a long time, but this year one of my goals was to teach my Math 8 students how effectively use their Interactive Math Notebooks.  In the past it was really difficult to get Math 8 students to utilize their IMN effectively. But this year it was one of my goals and I am so excited that I finally did it.  I was able to teach my Math 8 students to use their IMN effectively as a reference to support their learning. :o)

I think the biggest reason my IMNs were a success with my Math 8 students this year is because I emphasized how important they were from Day One with my motivational talk and giving them "A Letter to my Students" to put as the first page of their IMN, (so it would be the first thing they saw every time they opened their notes).  And another reason my IMNs were so successful this year was my color-coded guided notes.  I insisted that the students color-code exactly like the notes I was giving. The color-coding helped the students see the connections when they used their notes as a reference.  I also insisted that when we were done taking both sides of the notes that the students put the notes into the prongs of their notebooks. By the second quarter the students understood my procedures and expectations for their IMN. :o)

In many of the pictures that I have posted, it is evident that the students truly utilized their IMN. And the best part was, that at the end of the year 100% of my Math 8 students still had their IMNs. This confirms that my Math 8 IMNs were a success for sure... :o)

Success Two: My "Solve It, PROVE It" Daily Warm-up: 

Last year I realized that I really needed to find a way for my students to get comfortable with "Explaining" and "Justifying" their reasoning.  One of my new ideas that I came up with over the summer for this year was my "Collaborative Team" daily warm-up: "Post It, PROVE It", which evolved into my "Solve It, PROVE It".  And OMG, this was by far my #1 idea. To see the growth of my students' academic discussions and written explanations was amazing.  

I told my students from the beginning that I thought of this idea to help them learn to "Justify their Reasoning" and to prepare them for the CAASPP Summative Assessment.  My students never complained.  They eagerly solved and proved my complex problems collaboratively the entire year (even after they completed the CAASPP Summative Assessment).

Here are some examples of my "Solve It, PROVE It" daily warm-ups and examples of the students' collaborative explanations. 

These are examples of my student's individual responses to support their answers. Throughout the year I could see tremendous growth in their verbal and written explanations. 

Looking at the growth my students made in their reasoning and justifying in math I can see that my collaborative "Solve It, PROVE It" was what truly made the difference. Definitely a keeper. :o)

Success Three: My Collaborative Teams

I have previously blogged in detail about my "Collaborative Teams" in my Math 8 classes. This year my Math 8 periods are only 50 minutes, which goes really fast.  I have to get a lot of concepts in in such a short amount of time and I have found that my "Collaborative Team" structures has been extremely beneficial for my Math 8 students. This year I have put an emphasis on the students' math discussion and justifying their reasoning, which is done collaboratively.

My students are learning more than ever this year because of my classroom structure and the emphasis I put on the collaborative team discussion.  The most successful part of my "Collaborative Teams" is not only the "Team Task" but also doing the whole class practice problems with recorder/reporter.  Because only one student has a whiteboard, it forces the rest of the team to discuss to help the recorder/reporter (solve/explain) each practice problem. This rotates and each "Team Member" is recorder/reporter repeatedly throughout the lesson.    

I know that my "Collaborative Teams" are effective and I have the structures and procedures that I need in place. Next year I want to take it to the next level and really focus on deeper mathematical discourse.  :o)

Success Four: My Students' Growth Mindset
Another one of my goals for this year was to teach my students to "Persevere Through Struggle".  I told them from Day One that "Learning is not Easy" but I would help them to not only "Persevere" but that I would teach them to "Embrace" that "Struggle".  It was not easy for any of us... There were days when it was tough... But I too "Persevered" and continued to encourage and motivate... And in the end it was worth it for all of us... :o)

Here are some of the ideas that I used this year that were super effective.
My mid-year "Sticky Note" motivational poster.

My student's "Letter to Myself" Reflections every quarter.

My "Collaborative Team" hashtag posters. (These stayed on the wall all year)

I will for sure use all of these ideas next year because I know that they worked.  I have some new ideas for next year that I can't wait to try.  :o)

Success Five: My Structured 1:1 iPads in Math
I have blogged and tweeted a lot about my iPads and Math this year and I know that I have created some engaging and effective lessons for my students.  Next year we will be going to "Blocked" Math Periods, which is awesome because I will finally have more time with my students.  This also awesome because now I can go more 1:1 with my regular math class.  I am going to "Mash" the structure of my "collaborative Teams" in my Math 8 with the structure of my "Self-Paced" 1:1 iPads in Math Support.

Overall I am extremely elated at how my hard work paid off this year.  I am keeping many of my great ideas, but I am always learning and always discovering ways to take it to the next level.... I already have a list of new ideas for next year.... I am glad to have the summer to bring those ideas to fruition... 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.... Follow me this summer as I blog about my new ideas for next year.... :o)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

End of the Year Student Reflections and Google Forms

Although I use a lot of technology in my classroom, I only recently started learning about Google Forms.  My plan for next year is to use Google Forms for Formative Assessments in Math 8.

To practice creating and using Google Forms, I decided to use my Math Support students as "guinea pigs".  For my first experience with Google Forms I created a Teacher Report Card, an End of the Year Math Reflection for the Students and an iPad App Reflection.

I loved reading my students responses.  It was nice to have validation for all of my hard work. And it was so awesome to see that I had helped so many of my students change their mindsets about learning and about math.  :o)

Here are some of the Google Form questions and some of the student responses from the End of the Year Math Support Reflection.

Do you feel that you were successful in Math Support this year? Why or Why Not?
I think I was successful because I got a good grade and I didn't get in trouble or bother the teacher. I did do my best and I never gave up.
Yes I do because math support helped me understand many concepts better in math8.
Yes, I feel that I was successful in math support this year because if I wasn't successful then math 8 would've been harder.
Yes because when I first enter school I wouldn't understand stand anything but now I am in math support I don’t have trouble of anything.
Yes because I got all the practice that I needed to be successful next year.
Yes I do fell successful in math support because on the way you've teached me I fell confident that I did good on the CAASPP
I think that I am successful in math support because I try on all of my work.
Yes I do feel I was successful in math support because in the beginning I didn't know anything and now I understand most of the concepts we have learned in math 8 all thanks to my math support teacher.
Yes because I learned a lot of math. And I'm sure that I'll succeed at the high school.
Yes because is helped me understand the math 8 concepts better
I do feel that I was successful in math support this year because my grade was never lower than a C and because I got a lot of stars..
I feel I was somewhat successful because at the beginning of the year I would think this class was too hard and I would give up but then a friend was doing good and i want to be like him so started to care and It was easy from there.
I think I got better at math than I was in the beginning of the year because now I understand the math 8 concepts more.
Yes , I truly feel like math support has helped me understand math so much better. And be able to be successful in math than ever.
Yes because I really don't understand math but once I get into here and ask for help I understand quickly.
Yes. Because my math support teacher explained to me the math concepts I struggled on.

What did you like the best about Math Support this year?

I liked the challenging problems because they were fun
What I like the most from math support this year was that you helped us a lot
I like that we use our iPad because I never have done this in my old school and I thought it was pretty cool. I also like the teacher because she explains everything very well and helps me if I struggle.
It helped me understand math 8 concepts better
What I like was the problems that we did in showbie but it was kind of hard. They were hard but I learn more about them.
The thing I liked about math support is the math support teacher because she helped me when I didn't understand the concept.
What I liked the best was being able to use the IPads the whole year .
Something I liked the best about math support was all of it
The thing I liked the best was using many apps that could help us understand concept way better.
That we would do fun and helpful assignments.
What I liked most about this year was using the iPad and doing work on it that help me learn more math.
What I liked about math support this year was that I got extra help and it helped me understand the math concepts better.
The thing I liked best in math support was using the iPads and also have assignments that help you understand the concept better.
The thing that I liked about math support this year was working on the ipad and doing math problems on them.
I like best it because it different than all of my other classes and in math support we use iPads.
In math support , what I liked the best was the rockstar competition because it really helped me in my math concepts and earning stars motivated me more to get the answers right .
What I liked the best was how my teacher was trying to help us get better on understanding the assignments we did this year.
When we did the letters to ourselves. Also the good practice we'd always received. That helped us all understand the concepts better.
What I liked the most of math support this year was using the iPads because it was good practice.
What I liked about my math support teacher this year was that my teacher was organized.
I liked that the teacher never gave up on her class

How did using iPads in Math Support help you be successful in Math 8 this year?

It help because it a great tool and showbie was a good app.
It helped me be successful because when I didn't really understand a concept I would use the iPad and it would all make sense and also because I would be in a group and that would really help me a lot.
It challenged you with harder problems and made it easier to learn
Using the iPads helped me because we went on many different apps that helped me.
It was fun and we were learning at the same time
It had more practice problems and I understand the concepts more.
The iPad's helped me because all the apps we had to help us understand all the assignments we did this year.
By helping me out. Have assignments. Giving me math questions. And by helping me pick up my grades.
It was easy and a cool way to do work a different way instead of using papers and the apps helped a lot.
It helped me because it had so many different assignments to do that they helped me learn math.
It helped me by better making me understand math concepts,
They helped me be successful because it gave me problems that help me better understand the concepts.
The iPads in the math support class helped use be more successful in math 8 year because it helped us learned more.
The ipads helped me be better in math 8 because it was a easier way to learn faster with using apps.
The way using iPads in math support help me this year was that is help me be prepared for the test.  
Using iPads in math support helped me in math 8 this year to be more successful because most of us students like electronics and using iPads in class gets us engaged in math by using iPads .
Using the iPads has helped me be successful in math 8 because we get lots of practice on the concepts we learn.
Using the ipads make you want to learn more math.
The iPads in math support helped me to be successful by doing blast from the past everyday.
It helped me be more successful because you were able to do work and do different assignments that were fun.
The ipads helped me be successful because we got a lot of practice problems on the Ipad.
The ipads help me in math because every app we used would help us understand the concepts better.

What is something you accomplished in Math Support this year that you are proud of?

I accomplished my work and I'm proud of it and I am also proud of my teacher .
That we learn many things from the work that gave us to practice math 8 concepts.
What I am proud is getting help with the math 8 concepts that I didn’t understand.
Something I accomplished this year was getting all the help I needed to be successful in math.
What I was proud of the work that I did everyday in math support.
I am proud of learning more about math this year more than any other year.
Something that I accomplished this year is that I got to learn a lot of things about math that I didn’t know.
I accomplished to learn every concept I was stuck on because I didn’t give up.
I am proud of, well being focused more in math , and actually trying my best. And wanting to learn.
Something I accomplished in math support this year that I am proud of is passing this class and getting more help in math. I am proud of that because passing this class means I can promote and getting more help in math makes me proud because this year I got double the help in math.
What I accomplished in math support this year and I'm proud of is that I never got a low grade and I got 100% on some assignments and I got 100 points on school 21 and got many rockstars.
Something I accomplish is understanding the math 8 concepts better.
Something I accomplished this year in math support and that I'm proud of is actually doing my work and learning a lot about what we did  in math 8 the whole year.
I didnt fail in math because math support helped me.
I learned more math concepts so I can remember for high school and be successful.
Something I accomplished this year in math support and proud of is that I'm getting better it math then I was in the beginning of the year.
I accomplished learning more and understanding math more than I used to before.
Something I accomplished in math support this year is to understand more than what I did in the beginning of the year. Now I understand more about math than what I did last year.
Something that I accomplished that I am proud of is doing my work because It prepared me for the tests and it was good practice.
I accomplished taking advantage of math support to do better In my benchmarks and passing math 8 and understanding math better than before.
The one thing that I accomplished was when I got my first star because I was having a hard time getting mastery. Then I finally understand it and got my first star.
I got better at the math that I thought that was hard to do before.

What are the three most important things you learned this year in Math Support this year?

The three things that I learned this year was a lot of new concepts that I never heard of. Another one is the posters that she put up on the wall. Last was learning a lot with my group members.
-Be prepare -Be precise –Behave.
Three of the most important things I have learned this year was to always use your notes, ask for help when you need it, and to always study before a test.
I learned many things. I even learned to never give up that we have to embrace learning math through struggle.
The three most important things I learned this year were how to work hard for tests, how to take care of an IPad and to work through my struggles and not give up.
What I learned in math support was how to stay organized, how to work hard and to show respect.
The 3 important things I learned this year were to pay attention, don't mess around, and don't mess up in school.
~Math ~Work hard ~keep trying
That we have to be precise, to never give up , and to use the iPads properly.
The most important things that I learned this year is I can reach my goals by not giving up and persevering.
To be precise. To check if my answer make sense. Also to try my hardest to persevere.
- Always ask for help when stuck. - Work hard. - NEVER give up.
Everything I learned in this class is something that is important to me and will never forget.
That I should be precise and never give up, and also to explain how I got the answer.
To try my best, to believe in myself and to work hard and make myself proud.
The 3 things I learn this year was that if you try you will get where you want to . The second one was that you got to pay attention and study to get good grade in math. And the third one was that learning is not easy and not to give up.
The three most important things I learned in math support this year is to always use your notes. Another thing that's important is to show your work. The last important thing is if you need help to ask questions.
To be successful never give up. Be precise. And work hard.
I think that the most important am things I learned is to be precise, don't take shortcuts, and not to go fast.

What advice would you give students who will be in this Math class next year?

You will have fun but it's hard after a while BRING YOUR NOTES they will help you a lot.
Always try your best because it is very important for your future.
To work hard and never ever give your hopes up. You can do it.
Some advice I would give the kids is do good in this class don't mess around do what you are supposed to and always follow directions.
The advice I would give students who will be in math support is that the teacher is very organized. She also always wants you to be prepared for when you take a test and she doesn't like it when you take short cuts also she always wants you to show your work because it's not about the correct answer it's about understanding the concept.
I would tell them be ready for a challenge and she makes you work hard.
The advice that I would give the students is to behave and not to mess around.
Don't get the teacher mad. Work hard. Ask questions if you need help.
Pay attention, persevere through struggle and follow the rules.
Try. Try really hard. Because having math support may sound stupid but it truly does help you out a lot.
To not mess around and do good and your teacher will be nice to you and let you do fun things like listen to music.
To try hard and don't give up. Always do your best and DONT GET THE TEACHER MAD.
That keep doing work in math support because it's extra help. Don’t be a time passer.
The advice I would give is to really focus in class and math will be really easy because when I started paying attention and working hard it started to be really easy.
That they should behave and listen so they don't do the same mistakes like I did.
Be good.! Don't ever disrespectful.! To always try..!! Never give up in her class because she'll do her best to help you understand!
That to keep trying on assignments that you don't understand because it will help you.
That you are lucky to be in this class because she is a very good teacher and will help you succeed.
To not get the teacher mad and to use the iPads properly and to not waste time.
Don't just do whatever. Listen clearly and try your best. Don't mess around. To learn you can’t give up.
Always do your best and don't annoy the teacher. Act like an eighth grader.
My advice for them is that they need to always be precise they need to be prepared to learn.
That they are going to have a good teacher and you will learn a lot.

Is there anything that you would like your teacher to know?

I would like my teacher to know that I am thankful for all the help she has given in math 8 and math support.
Thanks for helping me understand more about math.
Thank you for always helping me.
I would like to let her know that she is a good teacher.
Thanks for being a cool teacher I like this class and the notes help me and thanks for caring about us and doing all the work you do for us to learn.
She's the best!! She's an amazing teacher..!!
You are a very good teacher and helped me succeed. Thank You.
I would like my teacher to know that she helped me a lot on the concepts I struggled on.
That she was the best math teacher in the 8th grade.
That she does a good job at teaching us and I want to thank her for everything that she has done for us and caring about us and our learning.
That she taught us good and that she a great math support teacher.
Something I want to tell her is thank you for helping me thank you for everything.
I want her to know that she's the best math teacher ever.
I would like my teacher to know that everything she did was perfect and amazing and that I thank her for the hard work she has done in all of the years she has been teaching.
That she's awesome and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. I love her and she's funny at times.
That she has been a great teacher ! She helped me out a lot .! And she helped me pick up my grades and I'm thankful for that!
That she was a good math support teacher and she taught us well.
I would like you to know that by far you are the best 8th grade math teacher, You always encourage student to try their best and to always persevere.
That she is an excellent teacher.
I would like her know that thank you for helping me with all of my work and you are the reason why I passed all my tests in math this year because of your help.
If anything i would like to say thanks for always helping me when I struggled. Although she'd get mad sometimes she's helped me so much. Math is honestly one of those concept I've struggled on my entire school years but this year, she made math seem simple and easier than I've always thought and I'm thankful.
Yes and something I want my teacher to know is that thank you for helping me in math 8 and math support you teached me a lot and I'm very thank full for the things you done for me. THANK YOU
I would like my math support teacher to know that she was a good help through the school year.
Thanks for working so hard on getting us to learn and teaching us and thanks for giving up your time to help us.
I just want to thank her for making me become a better math student and for teaching well as a teacher. I want to let her know that she did her job in teaching us and I also want to thank her for never letting me give up in math.
You we're a great math support teacher you and helped me through all the hard problems.
Be a good teacher next year and even if they are annoying PERSEVERE THROUGH STRUGGLE.
I would like to say to my teacher that she's a good teacher and teaches great and understandable she help and makes you learn by struggling the first time.
I would like my teacher to know that I am thankful for your help and having us persevere through our struggle. I would also want my teacher to know that all the concepts were easier because she made them a whole lot easier to understand.
Just that she teaches us really good and helps me understand a lot. She helps other when you need the help and gives up lots of practice on the concepts from math 8. I am thankful for having her this half year and for caring for us.

Here are some of the Google Form questions and some of the student responses from the iPad Apps Reflection. :o)

What did you like the MOST about Showbie?
I like the blast from the past warm ups or the concept we get to start the class.
I get to write and type on the page when we do an assignment. And you could type comments.
I liked that we reviewed about the concepts a lot and it help me better understand the concept and problem.
It teached me a lot of things that the teacher put in it.
The assignments because they were understandable.
Something that I liked about showbie is that the assignments that we do can help me understand the concept that I am having trouble with.
That it's understandable and easy to use.
Showbie gave good directions in the assignments every day.
What I like I the most about showbie is the assignments we get on it.
I liked practicing and trying the hard problems so I can learn.
What I liked the most from showbie is that we would do assignments. and that when you would be able to change the colors and write on the assignment.
I liked Showbies blast from the past it is challenging problems but I get more practice and understand the concept better.
I liked the app because it was a good app to use to help you learn more math.
I liked that the teacher would correct my work and leave me comments.
What I liked about showbie was that they had color coding thing so it would help us learn.
Getting the link to on to school21 for the “Rockstar” Competition and getting stars because they make me happy .
What I liked was that it was helpful and organized and told us what to do for the assignment.
What I like the most about showbie to be honest I like the assignments in showbie and I really learn a lot thank you showbie.
I like showbie because it's a great app just like you teacher.
What I liked most about showbie was that it was organized and had good directions.
Showbie is great because it tells you what you are going to do like when my teacher tells me do your work I could go to Showbie and see what I have to do for the day.
What I liked the most about showbie is that you could write on the page you had do for an assignment.
Something I liked about showbie was the blast from the past review warmup on showbie .
I liked that we would always do a blast from the past because it would help us the concepts we learn.
I like Showbie because the work that was on it really helped me learn math 8 concepts better.
I like how showbie is organized and easy to use.
Showbie is great because we have all of our daily assignments on there.
What I liked about showbie is that you get good assignments from the teacher because she wants us to learn.
What I like the most about showbie is that there's different colors to write with and you can zoom in a lot if you can't see the problem.
I liked getting help on showbie by leaving comments and my teacher would leave comments back.  

What did you like the MOST about Socrative?

I like the work we do on there.
I like how it gives you step by step instructions for the math concept. It helped me learn more.
What I liked the most about socrative was knowing if you got it right.
What I liked most from Socrative was the problems you copied on line paper and color coded to learn.
On Socrative I liked the space race and the challenging problems because It was fun.
I liked the problems the teacher made that really helped me learn.
What I liked about socrative was when you get practice problems to learn more math.
What I liked most about Socrative is when the problems would help us or lead us step by step.
That you could know when you get an answer correct or not correct. And you could find your mistake.
The cool assignments that helped us for tests.
What I liked the most about socrative is that it explains step by step on what to do for each problem.
Something I liked about Socrative was the challenge it gave me when doing math problems.
I liked that it was easy to log in and it didn't take much time.
What I liked about socrative is you get to do math problems and you could to space race.
I liked the many problems and challenging questions it gave me that my teacher made.
It was fun to do math on it. I liked learning math when we used socrative.
What I like about socrative was when we colorcode the problem on line paper that's what I like about socrative .
What I like about socrative was that it would give us the problem and it would tell us after we put in our answer it it was correct.
The thing I most like about socrative is that it would tell you if you're right or wrong and it would gave you the answer and I could ask for help to find my mistake.
I liked that Socrative was easy to use .
I like everything about socrative because it is a good app, the most thing I like is you can check your score.
The practice problems. It help me in math 8 because sometimes some of the concepts is confusing and I struggle on them. Socrative helped me.
I liked that we got practice problems on socrative to do better in math 8.
I liked that we reviewed about the math concept and it helped me better understand everything.
The tasks in Socrative gave good directions and helped me understand the problems.
When we practice problems while using the white boards or using lined paper.

What did you like the MOST about Tenmarks?

I liked that I got a lot of math help.
I like that at the end it tells you your score and tells you how much you got right.
It has cool assignments that were hard.
I liked everything because I like that it helps us out with sbac questions.
What I liked the most tenmarks was the app because it helped me a lot in math 8.
I like Tenmarks because you get to learn new things and the questions were hard.
It's gives u a second chance when you finish an assignment and you could improve your score.
I liked that it has a lot of problems that were different and hard.
What I liked most about Tenmarks is that at the end it would tell you what questions you got wrong and it would let you go back and correct them and try again.
Tenmarks helped me the most on learning new math concepts that were hard.
The thing I most like about tenmarks is that is that it would show you the correct answer if you get it wrong and you could do it again to get a different score.
It gives you second chances to help you learn your mistakes and get a higher score.
It had more challenging problems to work on then other apps.
Something I liked the most was that you would get a star if you would reach the points it asked you.
I like how the problems are on there because they were like the sbac test we took.
That it gave an extra chance and give us hints to help us learn.
I like tenmarks because it was a fun app and the problems were hard.
What I liked the most about tenmarks is that it gives us hard concepts about math for us to solve.
Something I liked the most about Tenmarks was when it gave me a challenge and math was hard.
The most i like form temarks was the good questions that we could practice at home.
What I like about ten,arks the most is the practice problems because it help me in math 8.
What I liked the most about tenmarks is going on it from home to practice.
Tenmarks was challenging and hard but it helped me.
The practice problems because they teach you how to do it and gave you hints.
What I like about Tenmarks is that is helpful ,it help me learn a lot about math it help me in the past days some of the questions were hard but that teach me how math get hard and how it will be next year.
Something that I liked is that it tell me the answers I got right and the points I had and I could get another chance.

Here are the links to my Google Forms Template if you would like to use them.  Feel free to copy into your Google Drive and modify and use. :o)