Monday, June 15, 2015

My Google Forms Idea: CFU Formative Assessments - Show What You Know Standards Review

I have been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting since my students took the CAASPP Interim Assessment and Performance Task and the CAASPP Summative Assessment and Performance Task this year.  Although the Assessments were complex and rigorous, I feel that overall my students were really prepared.

Because we don't use a math textbook and I don't use worksheets, my students are used to doing their "Math" work on whiteboards or lined paper.  It was one of my goals this year to teach my students that "Math" was not about the answer, but about the process.  I taught my students not to take shortcuts, and that doing the work and checking their work was important.

I have previously blogged about my love for Showbie for many reasons, but the main reason is my "paperless" tasks.  I love my 'paperless" tasks because the students love to do the "Math" on the iPads.

But more importantly I like using "paperless" tasks because through Showbie I can easily "check for understanding" and leave feedback.

I am very fortunate to have 1:1 technology in my classroom and so it was important for me to also use the technology to prepare my students for the Common Core way of testing.  I wanted to teach my students to be just as comfortable with doing the "Math" on paper that they love doing on the iPad.  So I varied the assignments and had students practice doing the "Math" on lined paper and on whiteboards.
My students were awesome, they never complained.  My students eagerly did the "Math". Sometimes the "Math" would take a lot of work. But they did it. Throughout the year there was a lot of "Math" being done in my classroom. What more could a "Math" Teacher want. :o)

I achieved my goal and overall my students were prepared for the Common Core way of testing. My students rocked it on the CAASPP, and they went through a lot of scratch paper doing the "Math". Even though I am proud of my students' effort and hard work, I know that taking a computerized test is still very different.  I know that there is still more that I can do to prepare my students for the transition to computerized testing.

Because I am on the District Technology Committee and the Technology Lead Teacher at my school, I want to incorporate some of the Google resources in my classroom next year. I decided that Google Forms would be a good resource for me to implement in my math classroom.

I wanted to think of a unique way to use Google forms because I have other "Exit Ticket" methods and other "Interactive" response resources that I really like.  I needed an "Out of the Box" idea.

This is when I came up with my idea for using Google Forms in my classroom.  I wanted to use Google Forms as a Formative Assessment tool with my Math 8 students. With my Google Forms Show What You Know - CFU Formative Assessments I can teach my students how to understand and reason through a problem, do the "Math" on paper, check their work and then answer the question on the Assessment.

Here is my first Google Forms CFU - Formative Assessment Show What You Know - Standards Review.  

Try my Show What You Know - Standards Review from the view of the student.  :o)

My plan for my new Google Forms Idea: Show What You Know - Standards Review is to use these Formative Assessments every week, and create practice assessments that would include various answer methods.  Along with Concept Assessments I plan on doing Cumulative Assessments.  

My goal for next year is to use my Google Forms CFU - Formative Assessments to help my students become comfortable with thinking through and doing the "Math" with various types of questions and various answer methods.  

Here is my Show What You Know - Standards Review (Teacher View). Feel free to copy to your Google Drive, Modify and Use... :o)  Unit 1a: Solutions to Equations (TV)

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  1. Can I maybe pay you to share these resources with me? They are awesome! How many do you have?

    1. Which resources are you referring to? My Google Forms Assessment idea? :o)