Saturday, July 30, 2016

Idea "Smashing" for My Collaborative Team Expectations

I was inspired today by @mathequalslove's blog post today about her Red/Yellow/Green Team Cups PostersSo I decided to smash together two ideas from my Collaborative Teams structure.    

Idea #1
A few summers ago, the R/Y/G Cups were a big topic on Twitter and I was introduced to the idea thanks to @druinok in her July Blogging Challenge #5things blog post.  I even searched all over and found the perfect cups to go with my classroom theme.

I even created a "Team Task" Cups Strategy Sheet, but I never really followed through with the idea that year. I had a really good group of students and I never found it necessary or the opportunity to implement it.  I could have used the idea with last year's students, but never found the time to follow through.... And the cups still sit in my cupboard.... Unopened...

Idea #2
If you have seen my "Team Tasks" or my Socrative "Team Tasks" you know that I like to emphasize the Collaborative Team Structure with "Team Task" Expectations that are read by the Task Manager at the very beginning of the "Team Task".

For Example:

So after reading mathequalslove's blog today I got the idea to smash these ideas together, revitalizing the Team Cup Strategy that never came to fruition with my always used Team Task Expectations Strategy.

I created a "Team Task" Expectations sheet that will be read by the Task Manager at the beginning of every task.

On the back of the "Team Task" Expectations sheet will be my "Team Task" Cups sheet, which I modified a little. I am going to print them on card stock and put them in sheet protectors.

Here are the files for my "Team Task" Expectations and "Team Task" Cup Strategy. Feel Free to Download and Use. I included the Word files for you to modify to fit your needs.

Download Links:
My Team Task Expectations PDF
My Team Cup Strategy PDF
My Team Task Expectations Editable Word File
My Team Cup Strategy Editable Word File

Thanks for stopping by my blog.... I hope I have inspired ideas for your classroom....

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