Saturday, January 10, 2015

Implementing My Cup Strategy with Collaborative Teams

I am so excited to finally find time to implement an idea I have had since last summer.  I came across this great idea one night in a Twitter Chat.  That is why I love my Twitter PLN.  I love sharing ideas and learning ideas from other great teachers. :o)  

Most teachers use Green, Yellow and Red cups for this strategy, but I am always doing things "Outside the Box". So..... I had to find cups that went with my classroom colors.  I was so excited to find hot pink, teal and lime green cups {:o)}^2

I am using this strategy with my Collaborative Teams.  The Task Manager will be responsible for determining which cup should be on the top of the stack.  Each Team will get a set of 3 cups, (pink, blue, green) and a copy of the Team Task Cups Guide.  

Here is the Team Task Cups Guide I created:

Here are links to the Team Tasks Cups Guide if you would like a copy to use or to edit.
  Word doc  or  pdf

That's all for now.  I will blog again with an update after I implement the new strategy. I hope it works. :o)  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog... :o)

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