Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Letter To My Students

I have previously blogged about my goals for this year and how motivating and encouraging my students is important to me. This year I want to focus on teaching my students to persevere when they struggle.  I have a lot of motivational and encouraging posters to put up on my walls.  But this year I wanted something for them to put in their Interactive Math Notebook.  I wanted something for them to have with them all the time. After a lot of Pinteresting and getting ideas, my idea finally came to fruition.  :o)

Here is a copy of the letter I am giving my students... This will be the first page in their Interactive Math Notebook.... It will be the first thing they see every time they open their notes...
If you would like a copy to use, you can click here for the pdf:
  A Letter to my Students


  1. I saw a copy of your letter on Pinterest, but there is no link here. Please post a link as I would love to use this with my students this year - it's awesome!

    1. I am sorry.... I have updated the links above... You should be able to download it now... :o)

  2. Would you be willing to share an editable document of your letter to students? Thanks in advance!

  3. Is there any chance I can resize it to make it smaller to fit inside a math composition book size?

  4. Hi, I love, Love, LOVE your letter to the students! This is just what I was looking to use this year, but didn't want to recreate the wheel. There are just a few tweaks I would like to do, if you would be so kind to send me an editable version? Much appreciated. Also, you wouldn't by any chance have a parent letter, too?