Saturday, September 27, 2014

1:1 iPads in Math and Self-Paced Lessons with a Focus on Slope-intercept Form

This week in my 1:1 iPads Math Support and Intervention Class the math concept that was focused on was: Linear Relationships and Slope-intercept Form CCSS: 8.EE.6 and 8.F.3.

Using Edmodo
As you know I love Edmodo as a resource to get the students to think, apply and justify in Math, by doing a Math Reflection "Blast From the Past" question every day.

This week the students had to look at diagrams, apply the concept and justify their reasoning.  I do include scaffolded responses to guide the students in their writing. I have seen a difference in their responses in Math 8 because of the writing they do every day in Math Support.  :o)

Here are some of the example "Math Reflection" questions that the students answered at the beginning of each Math Support class.

Here is an example of the students using Edmodo to write their reasoning.

Using Showbie
If you have read my blog before you know how much I love Showbie.  Showbie has become my students' favorite Assignments when I do paperless tasks, because of the ability for the students to annotate and type through Showbie.

This week I discovered a new way to use Showbie as a valuable resource by creating paperless assessments to check for understanding.  Some of my students in Math Support have been struggling with Slope-intercept form in the "Math Reflection" questions.  So I decided to create a paperless assessment that I could put in a Showbie Assignment.  The awesome part about this is that the students could annotate on the pdf and then I could check for understanding and respond back to them through annotations and comments.  This is definitely something I will use regularly.  Love It!!!! The students loved it as well.

Here are some examples of the paperless assessment in Showbie.

Here are examples of my annotations and comments to the students.

If you would like to try my paperless assessement, here is the pdf of the files.  (There are four versions of the assessment)  Slope-intercept Paperless Assessment for Showbie

Using Socrative
Even though I had a major glitch this week in Socrative, it will still be one of my most used resources and the students' favorite.  I do love the ability to create self-paced lessons that gives the students instant feedback.  :o)  This week the students did self-paced lessons on slope-intercept form.

Here are some examples of the students using Socrative in my self-paced lessons.
If you would like my Socrative self-paced lesson, here is the import code.
Writing Equations from the Graph in Slope-interept Form. SOC-12977533

Using ClassFlow
ClassFlow has become one of my students favorite assignments.  They really like the ability to annotate on the self-paced questions.  I am learning more about ClassFlow every week.  This week the students practiced graphing equations in slope-intercept form and writing equations from the graph in my ClassFlow self-paced lesson.

Here are some examples of the students using ClassFlow.
If you would like my ClassFlow self-paced lesson here is the link:
Slope-intercept Form and Graphing Equations

Using School21
This week I used School21 to help the student practice the basics of graphing slope-intercept form. The students like School21 because they have the ability to move up levels to "mastery" or "excellence".  I had a few students get a "Rockstar" on the "Wall of Fame" for reaching mastery and excellence.

Here are some examples of the students using School21.

Using Tenmarks
I love Tenmarks because the questions push my students to struggle in a good way.  I am introducing my students to the rigorous part of the concept that they are studying to help them become critical thinkers. This week in Tenmarks my students did practice problems on Understanding Linear Functions, Rate of Change and Identifying Linear Equations.

Here are some example questions from Tenmarks.

Here are examples of my students using Tenmarks.

 Thanks for stopping by and checking out my week using 1:1 iPads in a Math Classroom... :o)

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