Sunday, September 21, 2014

1:1 iPads in Math and Self-Paced Lessons with a Focus on Proportional Relationships

This week in my 1:1 iPads Math Support Class the math concept that was focused on was: CCSS. 8.EE.6 and Proportional Relationships: CCSS. 8.EE.5 and  8.F.3.

The center of my 1:1 iPad self-paced lessons in Math Support is my favorite apps Edmodo and Showbie.

Using Edmodo
Here is are some examples of the beginning of class "Math Reflection" questions.  The students answer the question and justify their reasoning.

Here is are examples of students using Edmodo.

Using Showbie
Besides the fact that I use Showbie to keep track of all of my assignments, I use Showbie's annotation features for paperless performance tasks. Here is an example of this week's paperless performance task.

Using Socrative
Other than Showbie.... Socrative is my students favorite app.  I used Socrative this week to implement scaffolded, self-paced lessons on slope triangles and proportional relationships.

Here are some examples of the students using Socrative in my self-paced lessons. 

If you would like my Socrative self-paced lessons, here are the import codes.
The Slope of a Line and Slope Triangles: Socrative Import Code: SOC-12821758
Graphing Proportional Relationships Equations: Soc Import Code: SOC-12844711

Using ClassFlow
My students also love ClassFlow.  I use Classflow's self-paced lessons with the creative response option.  The creative response option allows you to put a diagram and the students can annotate right on the diagram.

Here are some examples the students using ClassFlow.
If you would like to try my ClassFlow self-paced lesson on Slope Triangles here is the link:

If you would like to try my ClassFlow self-paced lesson on Proportional Relationships here is the link:  

Using Tenmarks
My students have a love/hate relationship with Tenmarks.  The questions are rigorous and very hard for the students because it requires them to think (hate).....  But they (Love) the fact that it is preparing and helping them get better at the math concepts they struggle with.  I love it because the questions are more Common Core than the other resources available.

Here are some questions you will see on Tenmarks.

Here are some examples of the students using Tenmarks.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my week using 1:1 iPads in a Math Classroom... :o)

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