Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Interactive Math Notebooks and Guided Notes

I have blogged previously about my Interactive Math Notebooks and how they have evolved over the years.  After tweaks and adjustments I have finally found the most effective way for my students.

The last few years, I used a team pencil boxes to hold the color pencils. This year I invested in plastic slider pencil boxes and color pencils for each of my students.  This was by far my best investment ever. The students' guided notes are printed back to back and kept in three-prong folders.

I have created all of the Math 8 Common Core Guided Notes for my students.  They are designed to be filled in and color-coded by the students as I explain the concept.  These type of guided notes are effective because they are not very time consuming and the students are able to use them as a valuable study aide.  The color-coding helps the students to see the connections between the vocabulary and the diagrams, and this helps with their understanding of the math concepts they are learning....  :o)

Here are examples of my students taking guided notes this year.

Here are examples of my students' Interactive Math Notebooks.  The first page is A Letter to my Students.  Then they have the Collaborative Team  Roles, Problem Solving in Math &Writing about Math and the Student Friendly Standards for Mathematical Practices.

Here are examples of my students' Interactive Math Notebooks and their color-coded guided notes.


  1. This is AWESOME! Do you create the notes yourself or use resources to create your notes?

    1. Thanks... :o)

      I create the notes myself using Microsoft Word and Paint... I include what I think is important about the concept and design them with a focus on color-coding.

      I usually print and edit multiple times before the final result....

  2. These are great!! I love what you shared!! I am toying with the idea of using folders next year and would love to see more of the guided note examples. Are you willing to share? Do you have them on TpT? Thanks!!

    1. Thanks.... :o) My students love their IMN in the folders..... They like the valuable resource it becomes throughout the year... :o) I will be doing another updated blog about my Interactive Math Notebooks soon... And yes my Algebra, Geometry and Math 8 Guided Notes are on TpT.... :o)