Sunday, April 5, 2015

Using Socrative with Collaborative Teams to Elicit Team Discussion and Math Discourse

It's been a while since I have had time to blog about my iPads and Math lessons, so I thought I would take some time to share some of my new ideas.

In my Math Support classes I have created a self-paced learning environment with 1:1 iPads.  I have previously blogged about this and my iPads and Math lessons.  I am experimenting with effective ways to use iPads with my regular Math 8 classes. I know the key to this is structure and clear expectations and my goal is to keep the Collaborative Team Structure.

Using one of my favorite apps SocrativeI have created "Team Tasks" using iPads that require the students to work collaboratively.  The Socrative "Team Tasks" that I have created are self-paced lessons that the students complete as a "Team".  These "Team Tasks" include the Team Roles that are already a part of my classroom structure.   

For my Socrative "Team Tasks" there is a Task Manager that facilitates the "Team Task" and a Team Mathematician.  Here is a copy of what the Task Manager reads to the Team when they start one of my Socrative "Team Tasks". 

As you can see I give clear expectations and create a collaborative environment using the iPads.  My students understand that the focus should not be on the iPads but on the collaborative discussion and learning.   

Here is an example of my students working collaboratively on a Socrative "Team Task". 

I have used iPads in various ways with my Math 8 classes.  I have used one iPad per team and one iPad for each Team Member.  I choose the method depending on the concept they are reviewing in that lesson.  

Using One iPad for Each Team

I have done my Socrative "Team Tasks" with one iPad per Team in which the Team Mathematician is the one with the iPad.  The iPad then rotates around the Team and each Team Member is Team Mathematician.  This repeats throughout the period.

One strategy I have used with one iPad per team is one Team whiteboard and the Team Mathematician is also the Recorder/Reporter.   This requires the Team to discuss and problem solve together.

And another strategy is all Team members have a whiteboard and the Team Mathematician guides the discussion and problem solving while all Team Members solve the problem on their whiteboard.

1:1 iPads for Each Team Member
I have also done my Socrative "Team Tasks" where each Team member has an iPad.  The focus is still on the collaboration and solving the problem as a Team.  

The Teacher as a "Facilitator"

While my students are working I am walking around "facilitating" and checking for understanding and misconceptions.  When I do my Socrative "Team Tasks", I use the Space Race option.  My students love the competition aspect.  I disable the feedback so they have to look to see if their Spaceship moves when they put in their answer to see if they got it correct.  If their Spaceship doesn't move, they have to go back and figure out their mistake before they move on.  

I hope you have enjoyed my blog about how I creatively use Socrative in my classroom. I have put all of my Socrative Codes on my Free Resources Page.  :o)

Thanks for stopping by my blog... :o)


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and spent the better part of my Saturday reading it almost from bottom to top. I've been teaching middle school math for 16 years and I've decided it's time to really change things up for next year. My head is spinning with all of the great ideas you have as well as a couple of others from a few other blogs. I haven't ventured into the virtual world too much, so I don't blog myself, but I do appreciate all of your ideas. I especially love your team approach and am looking forward to attempting to use some of the technology. Now to find time to really revamp everything while also being a full time at home Mom + Teacher in Re-Vamp mode for the summer. You're so inspiring!!

    1. Thank You... :o) I hope some of my ideas are helpful.... :o) Let me know if you have any questions.... Email me any time.... I am revamping this summer too... :o)