Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting My Classroom Ready (Day 3)

Today was the last day that I spent working in my classroom.  I am pretty much done and will finish the rest on our Teacher Work Days next week.  My classroom is small and is in a portable, but I think I did a pretty good job making my classroom comfortable and inviting.

Here is a final view of my front boards... I love the way they turned out and all of the posters I made look really cute.... :o)

This is the Student Supply Center.  This where the students will find their mini whiteboards, calculators, team supply boxes, color pencils for guided notes, rulers, protractors, hole punch and stapler, etc...

In the student supply center is one of my classroom organization ideas, my "While You Were Out" tray.  There is a tray for each period.  And if a student is absent, the resource manager in the team will write their name on the notes and homework for the day, and put them in the "While You Were Out" tray.  When the absent student comes back they look in the "While You Were Out" tray for the assignments they missed.  It is such a time saver for me.  They don't have to ask me for what they missed. I don't have to keep track of anything.  It is all done by students.

This is a picture of my "While You Were Out" tray.

This is the shelves where my students keep their Interactive Math Notebooks.  Each period has a shelf and they are color-coded.  Color-coding my periods really helps my classroom organization and structure. The shelves look empty, but there will be more on the shelves when school starts.

On the shelf is another of my classroom organization ideas, my Team Folder Holder.  There is a file tray for each period, with a folder for each team.  I do a lot of team tasks and if I plan on continuing the task the next day, then the team's resource manager will put all of the team member's tasks into their team folder and put it back in the folder holder.  This is such a time saver.  I don't have to keep track of the tasks, and pass them back out. The next day the team's resource manager will get the team folder and the team will continue on the task.  I love it, because again this is all done by the students.  :o)

This is a picture of the Team Folder Holder file tray.


There is a lot of room on my back wall so I am able to put up a lot of bulletin boards and student work.  It really becomes a "Living Wall".  This year I have 5 bulletin boards on my back wall.  And there is still a lot of empty space around the boards to hang student work and team projects.

There is a small board for "Student Information".  This is where I put the schedule and any flyers the office sends to hang up for the students.  And a "Superstar Work" board.  This is where I hang examples of exemplary tasks and projects.

There is a "Data" board.  This is where I will hang the data graphs from assessments.

There is a "Math 8" board. This is where I will hang the student's assessments that were 70% or better.  The students love to come in the day after an assessment and see if they made the wall.

And the last board is the "Wall of Fame" Math Rockstars.  This is the students will hang the Rockstars they earn.

This is "My Teacher Area".  This is my desk and I love it.  It is totally me. I am known at school for being the teacher who likes pink. I love that I have a cabinet behind my desk.  I always have the window open.  I love the sunlight.

I am happy with all of the work I have accomplished. And I think I will be ready when school starts.  :o)


  1. Wow! It looks great! You have done a lot of work here. Have a great start to your school year.

    1. Thank You.... I had so many ideas.... I like to be super organized and I kinda like to decorate... LOL...

  2. Your room looks great! We can never be too organized. I hope you have a great start to the school year.

    1. Thank you. School starts with the kids on Monday. In PD this week. :o)

  3. Wow! Your portable looks fabulous! I love how you personalized your desk area to make it your own space! I hope my room looks as neat and as organized as yours! I hope you have a wonderful year!


    1. Thank you. I spend a lot of time in my classroom so I like to make it a place I like to be. :o). Can't wait to see your Portable.

  4. I am so excited to be a new follower! Please make sure to stop by my blog and follow me! I love your classroom! It is so bright and inviting!


    1. Thank you and thanks for following me. :o) I love your blog too. :o)