Sunday, September 11, 2016

My Google Forms Formative Assessment on Slope

This year I am trying to follow through with my idea from last year on using Google Forms to "Check For Understanding" with Formative Assessments.  I have created my second Google Forms Formative Assessment on Slope and the Rate of Change.

My goal with these Formative Assessments are to use the data to help prepare them for the more rigorous types of Common Core questions.

Here are my students taking my Google Forms Formative Assessment on Slope and the Rate of Change.

Here are the five questions that are on my Google Forms Formative Assessment.

Here is the Google Forms link for this Formative Assessment.
Feel free to copy and use.

Formative Assessment  -Slope and the Rate of Change

Here is a paper version if you don't have access to technology, but would like to use my Formative Assessment on Slope and the Rate of Change. :o)

Formative Assessment - Slope and the Rate of Change PDF

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  1. Thank you for the PDF file. Much appreciated!

  2. Hello! I'm a college student studying to be a Middle School or High School Math Teacher. One of my Math Education teachers encouraged us to start following Math Blogs to gain knowledge and insight for our future classrooms.

    I think this activity is a great way to gauge student understanding in a quick and informal way. I honestly have never thought of using a Google Form as a test/quiz, but after seeing this blog post, I may reconsider that in the future.

    One thing about the quiz that I found a bit confusing was Question 1. The two axes on the graph were not labeled, nor was the scale, so I assumed it was a scale of one. I also was a little confused about the question due to its wording.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this “short and sweet” math formative assessment. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love all the resources. I am a big fan of keeping an interactive journal but I just have not found a way to get it to work in my classroom.