Saturday, September 12, 2015

Linear Relationships and the Slope Through Two Points

For the last couple of weeks we have been working on Finding the Slope of a Line and the Rate of Change in Linear Relationships.  I have been "Tweeting" about my method of using a "Mini Table" to find the Slope of a Line.

Here is a wall chart that explains the method that I use with my students.

The students practiced finding the slope of a line and comparing functions using my "Mini Table" method and my dry erase "Mini Table" Mat.

My "Mini Table" Mat
Feel free to download and use my "Mini Table" Mat:     Download: PDF File

I also did a really cool "Solve It, Post It" Collaborative Group Warm-up to solidify what the students have been learning.

Here is the "Solve It, Post It" Warm-up:

Each "Team" was given a different card with a pair of points.  Teams were to discuss and find the slope of the line through their two points using the "Mini Table" method.

Here are the cards. Each "Team" received one card.

After each "Team" solved their problem.  They "Posted" their answer by putting their "Team" whiteboard on the board in front of their "Team" number. (Boards are turned so that the answers are not showing).

After all of the "Teams" had "Posted" their answers, I put up a slide with a graphed line with color-coded points. I told the students that each of their set of points were represented on this line.  (It was color-coded to match the teams).

I asked the students, "Now knowing that all of the points that each of the "Teams" used to find the slope are on the same line, what should we see when I turn the boards around?"

It took some discussion and some good answers such as they should all be negative, but they finally determined that the slope on each of the boards should be the same.

I turned the boards around and....

They were all the same.... The students we super excited that it worked and all of the "Teams" had done it correctly.  :o)

This was a good lesson to help solidify the concept that I have been working on with the students.

Feel free to download my files and use in your classroom.... :o)

"Solve It, Post It" Warm-up Prompt  ~ Download:    PDF File  -  PNG File

 Cards with Two Points  ~ Download:    PDF File  
 Color-coded Graphed Line  ~ Download:    PDF File  -  PNG File

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.  I hope you were inspired.... :o)


  1. Thanks for sharing your Slope: Mini Table. Great idea. Before I saw your Twitter photo, I had made publisher docs and sized the table to a quart freezer bag that fits great in a composition ISNB. I plan to give my kiddos, an envelope to save specific templates to trade in&out while keeping a white sheet in the bag so they always have a "white board" to use for quick calcs/scratch 'paper'. Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much for this idea. My students have always struggled with the traditional gradient formula for two points, but with this it was a breeze. Thanks again