Friday, August 7, 2015

My Growth Mindset Classroom Reveal (Part 2) #notreadytour

I spent another day in my classroom today and it is taking me forever to get it ready... LOL. I still have a lot left to do but I am posting (Part Two) of my classroom reveal  #notreadytour. Hoping to inspire you again and give you more ideas for your classroom.  

My Front Classroom Wall

Last summer I blogged about the Mathematical Practices posters and the Mindset of a Mathematician Posters that I made.  I still love both of these so they are staying above my front whiteboards.  

New this year is the phrase I put above the front whiteboards.
Have grit!  LEARNING is not EASY... Dig Deep and EMBRACE STRUGGLE!

My Student Information Bulletin Board
By the door I always create a student information bulletin board.  This is where I will hang their bell schedule and flyers for dances and sports.  This year I went with black and white polka-dot material for the background and a zebra print border.

My "You Are a Genius" Wall
The back wall is a huge wall with a lot of space.  This is where I usually put my Superstar Work bulletin board, my Data Wall, my Math Rockstars bulletin board, and where I hang student work.  I can't put up my bulletin boards yet because I am getting new desks and I don't know how my room arrangement will be on the back wall. But I do know that I wanted this wall to be my #youmatter wall.
So I put the phrase: YOU are a GENIUS and the WORLD needs your contribution!
This is what my back wall looks like for now.

My Growth Mindset Wall Close Up 
I was able to take better close up pictures so I decided post more pictures of my Growth Mindset wall.  In these pictures you can see the scrapbook paper and glitter scrapbook paper that I used for the posters.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking my #notreadytour of my classroom.... :o)


  1. Love your classroom and the Math Talks! Awesome and thanks for sharing!

  2. Do you have your #youmatter and Growth Mindset posters, banners and phrases available for purchase?

    1. I have the links to my classroom posters on this blog page.

      My posters are made with scrapbook paper and then laminated....

  3. Where did you find the letters you used for Change your words?

    1. My bulletin board letters for Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset are from
      Teacher Created Resources and they are called Bling Letters With Jewels. :o)

  4. Your room looks great! I am also incorporating Growth Mindset into my class this year. It seems to be the buzz phrase. Glad I came upon your blog via Pinterest. Hope you will check out mine.

    Shepherd's Shining Stars