Saturday, August 1, 2015

Creating a Growth Mindset Classroom Environment

Last summer I started designing and creating a Growth Mindset classroom.  It is important to me that my classroom is a place where the students want to be and want to learn.  I spent more time this summer thinking of ideas and creating new resources for this year. I spent a lot of time Googling and Pinteresting ideas for quotes. :o)

Don't ask how many trips to three different crafts stores it took or how much laminating I had to cut out. LOL.  I am excited with my final products because everything turned out really good. So it was all worth it. I can't wait to put everything in my classroom.

I have not been to my classroom yet this summer, so right now all I have to share is the pictures of the final products on my table at home.  I figured I would blog about it now because maybe my ideas will give you inspiration for your classroom.  I will blog more later with my classroom reveal.

I am so excited. Everything turned out really good.  Most of my ideas are made with plain white copies, scrapbook paper and construction paper.  I am attaching download links after each set of pictures.  Feel free be inspired, to use my ideas or to modify my ideas.

My New "I Teach" Wall Hanging
Last summer I created an "I Teach" wall hanging which I loved.  I am changing my desk area a little and so I made a new "I Teach" wall hanging that will go with my new teaching area.  This will hang by my desk... :o)
Download Links:  My I Teach Poster - PDF File   ~  Word File  

My Team Hanging Stars
Last year we lost our class size reduction and after four years, went from a class size of 21 students to a class size of 24 students.  So for the last five years I have only had 6 "Teams".  This year we are going up to a class size of 28 students, so now I will have more "Teams".  I used to use the 6 colors of the rainbow for my "Team" colors. I needed to add two more colors, so I chose black and pink.

These are the new "Team" stars that will hang above each "Team".
Download Links:  My Hanging Team Stars - PDF File  ~  Word File

My Awesome Poster
This is going to go above my classroom door so as the students leave my classroom, this is the last thing they will see.  I wanted to leave them with a positive thought to carry with them throughout the day. :o)
Download Links:  My Be Awesome Poster - PDF File  ~ Word File

My YET Poster
This is going to hang above one of the windows in my classroom.  I love this phrase and I am hoping that this will help the students learn the importance of YET.  :o)
Download Links:  My YET Poster - PDF File ~  Word File

My Rainbow Motivational Posters
These are some more of my favorite quotes.  I made these to hang by the window in a space I can never figure out what to do with.
Download Links:  My Motivational Rainbow Posters - PDF File   ~ Word File

My Mistakes Posters
This year I have a entire section on one of my walls dedicated to mistakes.  In middle school students are so afraid to make mistakes.  This year my goal is to change that.  I mean seriously with the amount of mistakes I make regularly, you would think the students would realize that its no big deal.... LOL

These posters are going on a wall with the phrase: Mistakes are the stepping stones to learning.
Download Links:  My Mistakes Posters - PDF File  ~ Word File

My Growth Mindset Posters
I wanted to create these posters last year but I ran out of time.  So this summer I made my own set of "Change Your Words - Change Your Mindset" posters.  I tweaked some of the phrases and decided to use words that I know my students say.  I love how they turned out.  I can't wait to reinforce these posters every day with my students.
Download Links:  My Growth Mindset Posters - PDF File  ~ Word File

Here is a zip file with all of the fonts I used in all of the posters I made.
You should download this if you are using any of the word files... :o)

Download Link:  Fonts I Used Zip File

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.  Hopefully my ideas gave you inspiration for your classroom.  :o)


  1. Wow! There is so many great things here! Thank you so much for sharing. I am reading Dylan WIliam's new book. He says, "Mistakes are the evidence the work I am giving you is tough enough to make your smarter."

    1. Thank You... :o) I love that quote.... I will definitely use that as a verbal reminder when they struggle, and make mistakes...

  2. I made very similar "mindset" posters this year, but yours are much more colorful! Love it! I love the "mistakes"posters.

    1. Thank You.... I would love to see what your posters look like.... :o)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the things you created. I love the mindset of your classroom!

    1. Thank you... I hope I have inspired you or given you ideas for your classroom.... :o)

  4. I love these! Thank you for all your hard work. Where did you get the background paper for your mindset posters?

    1. Thank You.... I used scrapbook paper and black construction paper. :o)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing, this will be my first year in middle school. This has truly inspired me, I will upload pictures of my classroom soon, showing how I used your ideas. THANKS so much!!!!

  6. I love these! I am a high school teacher trying to get my high school students to have more of a growth mindset.

    Can I ask what fonts are that you use? I love them and would like to be able to use some of them in other posters I make.

    1. Thanks.. :o) I have a lot of favorite fonts... I am not sure exactly which fonts you are referring to? Most of my favorite fonts are the KG fonts... :o)

  7. Thanks SOOOO much - this blog rocks!

  8. Do you sell these items on teacherpayteachers already created, so that we can purchase and put together for ourselves?