Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Worthwhile Wednesday Performance TASK Update

I previously posted about my new idea for this year to get my students prepared for the Common Core way of thinking; Worthwhile Wednesday Performance TASK .  My acronym for T.A.S.K. is: Thinking, Applying & Showing Knowledge, which is what I think a performance task encompasses.

I am so excited, I created one of my first Worthwhile Wednesday Performance Tasks for linear equations in two variables. This performance task will incorporate multiple strategies the students will have been learning and the students will use color-coding to help them identify and apply the information in the real world situation.

*** I use color-coding to help the students understand how to differentiate the information. And having the students color-code helps me when I look at the tasks to check for understanding, because I can see by the color-coding if they are understanding or confusing the variables.

On the first page of the performance task the students will use color-coding to identify the x and y variables, the slope and y-intercept in the situation. They will write an equation that represents the situation and explain what the variables represent in the real world situation.  I am emphasizing multiple representations this year so they will also represent the situation using a table and a graph. They will then use color-coding again to identify the slope and y-intercept on the table and the graph to help them make the connections between different representations.

On the second page of the performance task the students will apply the information using the equation from the situation.  They will explain and justify their reasoning in complete sentences.  At the end of each Worthwhile Wednesday Performance Task they will reflect on the task and rate themselves as a "Mathematician" and explain their performance and rating.

I am hoping that the scaffolded color-coding and their written explanations and justification on the Weekly Wednesday Worthwhile Performance Tasks will help them prepare for the Common Core way of learning.

Follow me and check back, I will be posting more about my Worthwhile Wednesdays Performance Tasks throughout the year.... :o)

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