Sunday, July 6, 2014

My "Post It, PROVE It" Idea

I have posted about the need for finding ways to make sure the students are ready for the Common Core way of thinking in my Worthwhile Wednesday Task  post.  This is another new idea that I have and a strategy I am implementing next year.

If you have read my other posts, you have read that my classroom structure is all about teams. The last couple of years, I used a "Blast From the Past" at the beginning of class, which was my version of "Bellwork".  For the "Blast From the Past" the students worked on the problem with their team.  The recorder/reporter would write the problem on the team whiteboard and the team would discuss and complete the problem together. Doing the "Blast From the Past" as a team was a very effective in reviewing past concepts, but I had to take that idea to the next level.

I got my new idea and strategy for next year's beginning of class routine when I came across 4mulafun's Post it  Prove it post.  I took her idea and created a new beginning of class routine with teams using the concept: "Post It, PROVE It".

Instead of using sticky notes for the"Post It" part, I am going to use dry erase sentence strips that I cut in half. I also bought clip magnets in each of my team colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple.

As you have read, this year with my students I want to emphasize how to properly justify their reasoning and so I wanted to focus on the :PROVE It" part of the phrase.  Because I can't stop thinking of acronyms, I started with creating an acronym for PROVE:  Precise, Realistic, Organized Verbal Explanation.

In my version of "Post It, PROVE It". I will put a problem or prompt on the board at the beginning of class. The students will discuss it as a team. Recorder/Reporter will be responsible for writing the problem.  For the "Post It" part, the recorder/reporter will "Post" the team's answer on the whiteboard at the front of the room.  For the "PROVE It" part, the recorder/reporter will be responsible for writing the teams written explanation in complete sentences on the the team whiteboard.  The recorder/reporter will share out.

I am hoping that my version of "Post It, PROVE It" will help the students learn to articulate and justify their reasoning.

Here is a copy of the slide I made for the "Post It, PROVE It" problem of the day.


  1. This is a great idea! I ran across your blog and am instantly in love :) I teach middle school math too and am always looking for new ideas! I love the teams you have set up

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

    1. Thank you... All of my new ideas are a work in progress.... LOL... Check back, I will be blogging about how it goes... :o)

  2. How long do you give the students to work on this each day? Do you use this as your warmup activity?

    1. I give the teams about 10 minutes to Solve It and write their PROVE It... Then we spend about 5 minutes for all teams to share out their written justifications. So we usually spend about 15 minutes doing the collaborative warm-up... :o)

  3. It may be 2 1/2 years late but I am SO happy that you are enjoying using the Post It, Prove It in your classroom!


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