Friday, July 4, 2014

#5things I Need, Gotta Have, Can't Live Without {#july2014challenge}

I'm joining up with @druinok Teaching Statistics Blog for #july2014challenge.

#5things I Can't Do Without in My Classroom

{1} My #1 item for my classroom is truly something I can't live without.... I even recently bought another one as a back up for next year.... I can't live without my MimioPad!!!  I love my MimioPad.  It allows me to be mobile and most importantly it allows me to write on my flipcharts very easily, it has a button to change the flipchart slide, it acts as a mouse, and sooooooooooo much more.  I will never teach without my MimioPad. :o)

Here is my MimioPad and an example of how I use it to color-code during my teaching.

{2} My #2 item actually goes hand in hand with my #1 item.  My #2 item is ActivInspire.   I can never go back to PowerPoints after using Flipcharts from ActivInspire...  I set up my Flipcharts with an all white background so it is like a whiteboard at all times and I can easily write on it via my Promethean Board or my #1 fave, my MimioPad.  I color-code everything so these three things go hand in hand and have my made lessons so much better.

Here is a screenshot of ActivInspire:

{3} My #3 item is something I have with me at all times during the day.  That is my pink cup.  I need a lot of water, because I am always sooooooooo thirsty.  My water has to be cold.  My pink cup goes hand in hand with my cute little pink refrigerator, which is how I keep my water cold.  I love my pink cup because it has a straw, and I can easily pause to take a drink, without having to undo a cap from a water bottle.  I love my pink cup and you will always see me with it throughout the day.... LOL :o)

{4} My #4 item is my chart markers.  I can't live without my chart markers because I color-code everything,  my guided notes are color-coded.  (The students color-code with color pencil).  So I use my chart markers to make color-coded charts that I put on the wall during the current concept.  

{5} My #5 item is my dry erase markers.  During the school day I always have one in my pocket, so I can easily write on the board through out the day.  I very often get home and realize my dry erase marker is still in my pocket... LOL

I think I cheated and actually talked about more than 5 things because a few went hand in hand with another important item... But these some of the things that I use in my teaching day and are important to me. :o)


  1. Ahhh! I love anything pink so I got so excited when I saw all of your cute pink classroom things! I really wish I could have a fridge in my classroom to keep my drinks cold. I'm not even sure if it's against fire code or anything, I just never tried. Maybe I should sneak one in and ask for forgiveness later! ;-)
    Also, I love my chart markers as well (maybe it's a math teacher thing?) I have the scented markers so not only do they write well, but they smell good also!

    Have a great 4th!
    The Math Nerdette

    1. Yes... I love my scented markers too.... Math Teacher's Rock...

      I do love my pink, and I am rockin up my desk area with a little more pink... LOL...
      BTW - The whole classroom is not done in pink, just my area... :o)

  2. I love ActivInspire too!!! I have a Polyvision board, but use ActivInspire instead of the software for our board. Just wish I could use the tools more effectively with the free version, I know there is a way but haven't figure it out yet.
    Does the Mimiopad show you the image on the pad? I have an Eno MIni which I think is the same thing, just I can't get the hang of using it.

    1. I have never heard of a Polyvision board? ActivInspire is way cool, I am not sure what the difference is between my version and the free version... How much do you use your ActivInspire?

  3. OMG I love your pink fridge! I am using a mini fridge that my parents bought my oldest brother when he started college in 1982! It still works fine, but oh that pink one is awesome. I am quite the marker hoarder and need to devote a whole post to my marker collection one day. LOL

    1. I love my pink fridge... Got it pretty cheap during a Back to School sale... It goes with my "Pink" theme... LOL

      We should do a marker count and see who is the bigger hoarder...LOL