Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stop, Start, Continue - {#july2014challenge}

I came across Middle School Math Rules post on Druinok's 30 Day Blogging Challenge so I thought I would join in... Not necessarily because I need to jump back into blogging, but because I am a newbie and I figured that the 30 day Blogging Challenge would help me understand blogging better... (I hope. LOL)

So here goes my Start - Stop - Continue...
Three Things to Start  {1} I need to start my paperless classroom lesson planning for Math Support, and plan my iPad lessons. {2} I need to start my updates on the wiki and change from last years pacing. {3} I need to start the things around the house I wanted to do over summer break.

Three Things to Stop  
{1} I need to stop shopping for stuff for my classroom. I have too many new ideas.... {2} I need to stop trying to do too many things at once.  You know you start one thing, get an idea, and start another, and so on... LOL {3} I need to stop thinking of acronyms for my classroom... LOL

Three Things to Continue 
{1} I need to continue my curriculum planning, I have been enjoying summer a little too much and not as far along as I would like to be. Again with the too many ideas.  (Oops maybe that's a stop?)  {2} I need to continue on my eating and exercise plan... Need to work on getting my strength back. {3} I need to continue on my blogging journey even though its hard with only a few followers.  I have it started, so now I just need to continue... 


  1. I'm glad you are joining the challenge. So many of the things you have entered here are things I have been thinking about and need to work on. BTW, I read about your idea for performance tasks each Wednesday and think that is a wonderful idea. Our students really do need practice to get proficient at the things they need in order to be successful in this new area of CCSS testing. What a great way to help them practice the tools they need.

    1. Thank You... I hope it helps them learn how to think through a performance task.... Check back and see the updates of how it goes... :o)