Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Google Forms Integer Rules Review Quizzes

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I know that my students are coming in at only 12% Proficient in Math. This means that they are going to need a lot of review on the concepts they should know from 7th Grade. Our pacing in 8th Grade Math is already tight, and unfortunately I do not have time to go back and reteach these concepts in depth.  I do pace in a couple of review days, and I give the students guided notes on these concepts so that they have a reference and a lot of practice.

In checking for understanding during the last two days, my students now understand the concepts of Combining Like Terms and Solving Two-step Equations but are not successful because they are making mistakes with the Integer Rules.

I gave my students an Integer Rules Graphic Organizer for them to reference, but they are still confusing the rules for addition and multiplication.  I did notice that when my students are solving equations and using the inverse operation, they get confused which rule applies when the terms are stacked for addition in step one, and division in step two.

So I wanted to create some review quizzes to practice the integer rules when they are next to each other like when combining like terms, and when they are stacked like when solving equations.  I have created a weeks worth of Google Forms Integer Rules Review Quizzes.

Here are the links to my Google Forms Integer Rules Review Quizzes.
Feel free to use. :o)

#__ Integer Rules Review Test (1) __#

#__ Integer Rules Review Test (2) __#

#__ Integer Rules Review Test (3) __#

#__ Integer Rules Review Test (4) __#

#__ Integer Rules Review Test (5) __#

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  1. Hi RoxyGirl!
    I love your blog and that you share all of your cool resources! Just wanted to pass along a tip a learned - change the links for the Google Forms that you shared in this blog so that you force the user to make a copy, that way no one can mistakenly change your original - just change the word "edit" in the URL to "copy".

    1. OMG... Thank You... I did not know that you could do that. I am still learning about Google Forms. :o)

      This is useful information because it has been a problem with the original being changed... Not only did I fix it here... I went back and fixed it on my Google Forms Links on my Free Resources Page....

    2. Glad I could help you for a change! It's a great trick - works with any type of Google doc URL.

  2. I am trying to use use Google Forms and Google Classroom in my class this year. How did you get the tables and images into your Google Forms?

    1. I create the images in ActivInspire, use the sniping tool to save as images, and then upload the images into my Google Forms Quiz.

      To add an image in Google Forms, click the add image icon that is just to the right of where you enter the question.

      Hover over the space between where you type the question and the type of question drop down menu. Hope this helps... :o)